Global Entry

TRAVELERS Online Application


Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Global Entry program?

A: Global Entry is open to U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, Dutch, South Korean, UK, German, Qatari citizens and Mexican nationals. Canadian citizens and residents who are members of the NEXUS program are automatically entitled to Global Entry program benefits.

Q: What is the primary benefit of enrolling in the Global Entry program?

A: Program members can bypass regular Immigration and Customs lines after international flights into the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Qatar and Ireland (other countries coming soon) at most major international airports in the US, including SFO. Another top benefit of Global Entry is that it enrolls you nationwide in TSA Pre✓™, which has started at SFO and many other US airports, with pre-flight security privileges.

Q: Which airports have Global Entry kiosks for expedited international screening?

A: SFO and most major US international airports have Global Entry kiosks; all locations are listed at

Q: Does the Global Entry program cost anything?

A: Yes. There is an application fee of $100 USD per applicant. Membership is approved for a period of five years. We will take care of your application process all the way from creating your account to booking your Global Entry appointment. Our service charge is $149.00.

Q: Why are you charging $149.00 on top of the $100 application fee?

A: Our experts handle your application to ensure that it is processed quickly, and without errors. We will also refund you the entire amount of $249.00 if you applied through us and have been rejected for Global Entry. If you choose not to go through us, and instead apply directly using the standard government service, your $100 government fee would not be refundable.

Q: Can my travel companions (family members, business colleagues) accompany me in the fast lines?

A: Every person must have their own Global Entry approval to bypass the Immigration line after international flights, but the TSA Pre✓™ (pre-flight inspection) allows those under 12 to accompany parents who are enrolled.

Q: Does membership in the Global Entry program automatically convey membership in TSA Pre✓™?

A: Yes. Individuals that apply and are cleared for enrollment in one of CBP’s eligible Trusted Traveler programs are automatically qualified to participate in TSA Pre✓™ when flying a participating airline at a participating airport.

Q: Are you affiliated to the Border authorities?

A: We are a private company that is in no way affiliated to the border authorities. Our sole purpose is to scrutinise your application process and provide you assistance throughout.